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Three Critical Problems Businesses Have With Their Property Maintenance Companies

And How Tenkom Commercial Services Overcomes Them All


1. High Costs Due To Multiple Contractors

To keep your business running smoothly & maintained properly, you will need; general maintenance, painting, carpentry, and janitorial services. Do you currently pay someone different for each of those services? Then you are wasting time & money every single month by paying a premium to each independent contractor! I'll send you a FREE report that shows you how to stop wasting time & money on multiple contractors that drain profits out of your business every month!


2. Potential Hazardous and Dirty Work Areas

Property maintenance doesn't have to be a dirty and stress-full experience. Many contractors have not perfected a safe system for professional job site management, which will create big headaches and potential lawsuits for you! Your FREE report will teach you the right questions to ask your contractor about their job site management system before you hire them and throw away your money!


3. Paying For Services That Are Never Used

In most property maintenance agreements you are forced to pay for services that you will probably never need, but you sign the agreement anyways because the property manager insists they be covered. Sound familiar? Our property maintenance agreements allow you to put together your own list of included services and have total discretion when signing your maintenance agreement, you pay for only what you need!  In your FREE report, we will show you the property maintenance services that are a must have for any business, and the services that can be eliminated to save your company money!


Whose fault is it when these problems arise? We say itís the property managerís fault, no exceptions. Tenkom Commercial Services understands that your business requires a lot of your time, and you shouldnít have to manage your property maintenance company as well. We like to keep business owners doing what they do best - managing their business, and letting us do what we do best, taking care of your investment!  Please call now or visit our website to reserve your copy of the FREE report; even if you are just thinking about signing a maintenance agreement or hiring a contractor, the report will show you the right questions to ask when the time comes to hire a property maintenance contractor. 

Don't Even Think About Signing a Property Maintenance Agreement Until You've Read This Revealing Report, "What Every Business Owner Needs To know About Property Maintenance" 




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