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Childcare Facility Maintenance



Tenkom is currently continuing their expansion into the childcare small business segments.  We have been servicing these business's for over 10 years now and pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction. What does his mean for You?  No paint spills, no accidents, no headaches in your facility! Wouldn't that be nice to know before hiring a contractor? 

We know that childcare requires special attention by our workers to make sure that jobsites are free from hazardous and harmful materials that could potential  harm a child.  We have been maintain the Step By Step Montessori schools for over 10 years now, and have worked closely with the owners to develop a maintenance approach that is suitable for a small child environment. For info on Step By Step, click here.



It doesn't take long to realize how destructive children can be in their toddler years, we use quality paint and materials that will stand up to their abuse while increasing the amount of time between paint jobs and maintenance.

Here at Tenkom, we have just begun offering janitorial along with are standards services, increasing the amount of quality maintenance control for your business. Quality janitorial services in a childcare facility is very important, not only for the cleanliness of the facility, but more importantly for the safety of the children. 

Many diseases are spread quickly through facilities and if you janitorial services are not disinfecting and cleaning properly, then they are spreading diseases throughout your facility! 


Best of all, combining services with one contractor saves you time and money, both of which are very valuable to a growing childcare facility! 


Are business was founded on the peace of mind knowing that when you turn over your business for some needed painting or maintenance, we will do it properly and safely to keep your children safe. This helps keep your mind of your maintenance project, and keeps you focused on what you do best, running your childcare business.

Here at Tenkom, we have a 24 hour - 7 days week work schedule. We understand when children are present in your classrooms, not only is it obtrusive to interrupt your school and their education, it's also just not productive for us.  To solve this problem, Tenkom works nights and weekends so we won't interfere with your normal business schedule, most contractors won't do that!


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